2020 BMW X8 Release Date and Other Details

The new 2020 BMW X8 is going to be the newest SUV in the
lineup. The German carmaker
recently introduced X7 model. If we take a look at its slammers
siblings, X5
and X3, both
have a coupe version, X6, and
X4. So, it
is logical to expect the BMW will do the same with the new X7.
It is still an option, but the recent reports suggest the X8
could be totally different SUV based on the new 8-series
roadster. One thing is certain – the X8 is definitely coming

During the presentation of X7, chiefs of BMW said: “there is
always room to grow”. It can be a general statement. On the
other hand, we understand these words as a hint. But, what does
“to grow” mean? Grow like add more models, or grow like making
a larger SUV? It will be a mystery for a while until we get the
first official updates about the 2020 BMW X8. Well, we will
consider both options, but it is certain that the new model
will share a lot of things in common with the X7 and the new
Series 8 roadster.

2020 bmw x8 concept


Well, the 2020 BMW X8 will definitely use the same engines as
its sibling. At least some of them. A 3.0-liter turbo-six is
going to be the base option. It is capable to produce 365 hp
and 330 lb-ft of torque. The same drivetrain is under the hood
of the new Toyota Supra. These companies are sharing this
straight-six engine, but the new roadster creates 35 lb-ft
more. Still, with the same configuration as the X7, the new SUV
will need around six seconds to accelerate 0-60. The X7 needs
5.8 sec, but we believe it will be slightly lighter.

Another option is a big V8. Twin turbo setup is beast that
delivers 455 hp and 480 lb-ft of twist. Top speed of the SUV
with this configuration will be 155 mph and it will need around
5 seconds to reach 60 mph. This could be even the base unit if
BMW wants a completely new model. A four-wheel drive is going
to be an exclusive method for the X8.

The last option could be a V12 engine. Some forums are
mentioning that the company could go after the monstrous
outputs. And V12 will deliver it since we see this drivetrain
creating 610 horsepower for the M750Li model. Still, the SUV
will be heavier and larger, but the power won’t suffer too

2020 bmw x8

What Will 2020 BMW X8 Look Like?

Coupe-like or the standard SUV, the question is now. Designers
will get commands pretty soon. The new 2020 BMW X8 will enter
the development and we could see first prototypes in a couple
of months. With the first spy photos out, we will know what to
expect. But, let’s try to predict the future and the look of
the new X8.

Every odd model in the X-SUV lineup has its coupe twin. The X7
is an all-new full-size model. It is easy to predict the X8 is
getting the spot as the coupe twin. But, BMW knows that. And
where is an excitement? So, the German company is ready to make
an exception and surprise its fans with the even larger SUV.
Well, the wheelbase of the BMW X7 is 122 inches long and the
overall length is 202 inches. It is the size of the largest
SUVs in the market. Well, there are some special, extended
versions of Cadillac Escalade (ESV) and Lincoln Navigator (L)
available to offer more room inside the cabin. That could be
the case with X8.

2020 bmw x8 redesign

2020 BMW X8 Styling

The inspiration for the 2020 BMW X8 the German company will
find in its new vehicles. There are two of them which could fit
the size and needs of X8’s buyers. One of them is a new SUV and
another one is BMW 8. What can a roadster offer to a much
bigger vehicle? We already mentioned the new engine. But, the
story doesn’t end here. Unlikely, but possible, is to see
another carry-over. This time, BMW 8 can offer a PHEV
drivetrain, and with it, some design solutions for the body.
Well, this is all a far-fetched story so we can take it

Let’s say that the 2020 BMW X8 is the most likely to appear as
the coupe version of the X7. We will accept the truth, no
matter how much fans would like to see something surprising
from the carmaker.

2020 BMW X8 Release Date and Price

The new X7 is out. Pre-orders are available. Soon, the 2020 BMW
X8 could have a debut. The price of the new SUV will be higher
than for the X7, for sure. So, the new X8 will start above
$80,000. Top of the line models will offer premium packages
over $100,000, especially if V12 engine takes the place under
the hood.

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